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Philip J Bradbury

Main writing experiences

Summary list of writing/publishing experiences

  • Writer of 18+ published books,

  • Publisher of books

  • Commissioning Editor for Business Books

  • Publisher of national magazine,

  • Website Editor/Writer

  • Columnist for magazines in four countries,

  • Editor for national magazine,

  • Reporter for weekly newspaper,

  • Professional freelance writer, proof-reader and editor for clients in Australia, Czech Republic, Norway, Slovenia, Germany, Romania, Arabia, Britain, Canada and America.

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How not to live ... trying to impress people!

I tried and gave up impressing others ...

I spent 20 years in a boring job to impress my father. I finally realised he wasn’t impressed with an accountant son so I slunk sideways into business coaching and teaching and wondered why I’d avoided what I loved for so long. 20 years later, I still love teaching/coaching and have done it ever since, in different countries and in different guises:

  • Business coaching in NZ, UK and Australia

  • University lecturing in NZ and UK

  • Personal development workshops in NZ and Sth Africa

  • Grief counselling in NZ

  • Men’s groups in NZ

  • AIDS workshops in Sth Africa


I started living

From time to time, I played in other occupations, just because I could:

  • Busking

  • Building houses

  • Truck driving, reporter/photographer for a newspaper

  • Magazine columnist then editor

  • Magazine publisher

  • Commissioning editor of books

  • Writer of 19 books (to date)

I’ve become a Jack of all trades, master of some and a Master of Change, so can help you with your change.

Along the way I picked up some qualifications:

  • BBS – Bachelor of Business [Economics & Accountancy majors] degree.

  • ACA – Qualified Accountant.

  • CAT – Certificate in Adult Teaching.

  • Diploma of Leadership & Management

  • Diploma of Business

  • Diploma in Transactional Analysis

  • Grief Counselling

  • Life Coaching

Life is not short - it's the longest thing you'll ever do!

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need permission to do DIFFERENT things in this lifetime. Making a change will not be the end of anything … it will be the start of something amazing!

Also, nothing is wasted. I gave up accounting but that set of skills allowed me to work as a corporate trainer in England and to do my own accounts. Nothing you have done will be lost if you change – everything counts and nothing is for nothing!

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