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This 6-week course is for you if you:

1. Have started your book and are stuck,

2. Have an idea but can’t get started, or

3. If you really want to write but can’t think what to write about or how to start.


You'll receive guidance from an experienced writer, editor and publisher to starting and finishing your book ... in all genres of writing – memoir, short story, novel, poetry and non-fiction.


Oh, you'll also have a lot of fun and encouragement from a group of writers, all there to help and improve each other.


Some of what you will learn:

Story-lines and plot structure - creating rhythm and climax,

Characterisations - creating people (characters) we know and love (or hate!),

Dialogue - conversations that draw us in,

Adverbs and adjectives - replacing them with juicy, colourful phrases we won't forget,

MS Word - using styles, contents, headers, footer, review and other functions favoured by publishers/agents, and

Writers block - techniques to get you going when you are stuck.


There will be weekly exercises that will be constructively critiqued and, if there are enough stories at the end, we might publish them as a compilation book.


Don't forget to book online below and you can contact me if you have any questions:

Email: or

Phone: 0284 384 330



In conjunction with:

The Artery – Creative Community Campus

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